Friday, February 4, 2011


The most special and lovely stage of life,
Which is remembered till we survive
No tension ,no stress,
All day enjoyment wearing a new dress
 We are the apple of everybody's eye,
Always being loved also makes us feel shy
No household work to do, no commands to follow,
Playing like a king, all food we swallow.

Our horses are our parents,ever ready to gallop
but all the fun is lot as we gradually develop
Burden of studies, responsibilities increase
Hopping, pouncing and screaming all are put to cease.
Our tasks are always being watched,

with so many restrictions our head gets tossed,
All work we have to do ourselves,
No one comes to help,not even my imaginary friend elf.

Childhood is real fun playing
Remembering those days we become joyful,
Always being dependent is also sorrowful
Still if we want to know which stage is best,
We conclude childhood better than rest. 


1 comment:

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