Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Impossible Is Nothing And Nothing Is Impossible

Napolean Bonaparte had once said "The word impossible exists in the dictionary of fools"
 Impossible is nothing,nothing is impossible,there is always a way to come out of a problem and if  we have sufficient will,we always have sufficient means.It is just an excuse that we say things are impossible.Nothing is impossible,if you can dream it,you can do it.Had Graham Bell thought that communication through wires was impossible,we would possibly not have availed the facility of a telephone.If Galileo and considered them to be impossible,we would have still been living in an uncomfortable and unknown world.

Every invention,success and discovery is preceded by millions of cabs of impossibilities!But only those who can see the invisible,think the impossible can do the ‘impossible’.

How true they were and it is high time that we should come out of our dream realize that impossible has no place in this ‘not so utopian world!’you know,you should never tell a young person that something cannot be done.Excellence is very,close to perfection and perfection is not impossible.So strive for excellence,therefore,I say with renewed conviction that ”impossible is nothing and nothing is impossible”.    


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