Wednesday, January 5, 2011


India is land of Gods,Land of valleys and landscapes.Apart from natural heritage,we also have very rich historical heritage,be it Taj Mahal,which is considered as wonder of wonders,or Bhim Betka in Madhya Pradesh,or Sanchi Stupa,Jaipur Palace,we have huge potential to bring forward our heritage in the form of tourist sites and generate revenue and why should we not ?
But even after various suggestions, force promises, and failed attempts, government of india is unable to preserve the sites of historical importance.An independent study shows that a yellowish layer is being deposited on dome of Taj Mahal, which is due to corrotion of marbles.This is being caused by fumes coming out from nearby industrial areas.Ganga, Yamuna and Godavari rivers, considered as Godess in our culture are being polluted extinsively due to sewage deposits.
I think that Govt of India,apart from investing in poor people,should start seeing tourism as a way of revenue generation and invest extensively in it to conserve places of importance.Pollution of rivers should stop immediately, heritage sites should be protected from encroachment from builders, as has been seen in case of Shivaji Forts in Pune.Govt. should not look for income from agriculture or industries only.Tourism, apart from income generation, provides employment and brings about our heritage infront of the whole world.

Let us be proud of it, but if we work towards improving it, then only we can say Incredible India..!!


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