Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Life after college-Rohan Jain

As we all knows that life is not so easy as it seems to be. I have done my Engineering college life from Walchand Institute of technology, Solapur but believe me its so easy to spend your beautiful years of college life . But once u comes out of it you will see or might faced many ways to go on, but in the end you have to choose one final way to go an and that really matters as that way become your platform from where you have to choose your track to your carreer. This step could take time to choose the way but that is a fact that its full of hard work as well struggle.

When you were in college, you probably felt like it was never going to end. You felt untouchable, invincible, that you could do anything you wanted. And then you graduated. Yes, and everything changed.
What happens after college? Suddenly, your friends are dispersed across the country. Your new best friend is the computer and its endless supply of completely useless job search engines.
It isn’t only what you do with your new life after college that’s important; it’s also about how you’ll do it. Making the transition from a college student to a young professional is harder for some, but if you’re prepared for the kinds of responsibilities you’ll face, it may get easier with time and experience.


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