Monday, December 27, 2010

The Two Phases Of Life

There are two types of people on earth.One who don't comment upon anythink whether good or bad,they have been mostly liked by all,just because of their royal nature.They are friendly to everyone.I like such type of people.On the other phase of the coin,there are second type of people who maintain their good image,look very innocent and are friendly in their behaviour but play the game of chess inside them.In much simple words,these few talk behind our back.These few are very jealous and cunning.I have met both the type of people in my life and both have taught me different things.
The first one has taught me to be good at heart,to reflect at image in front of everyne.And second one has taught me to be cunning,to be a liar,not to trust,any one and to talk behind others and reflect me virtual and false image in front of everyone.No one bound me,now it depends on me,as an individual whom to choose, and what to become.I prefer to be like first one and adopt all good qualities.While second one is sanke like and I have decided to stay away from them as who knows,when they inject poison in my body and ruin my life.


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  1. u did a mistake i will let u know wat but content you have written is awesome