Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Luck Depends On Hardwork

Every coin has two faces and complementary.But there in the case of luckand hardwork both are supplimentary and so we proportionate both of them.For proving the above fact we can say that propopertion of hardwork and luck iscompared to proportionof petrol and oil in vehicles.
                                      CHANGE THE LINES OF YOUR HAND
                                          BY WILL AND DETERMINATION

We can make an impossible thing possible and change your mind accordingly. Hence there is no quotions of luck.We can change the lines of our hands according to our will and determination.I would like to put forth an example of a student whose capricious teacher,who wanted to teach only rich students,told him to go back home saying that there was no line of study in his hand.

The next moment the student went back home and instead of becomingdepressed,took it as an inspiration and cut off his palm to construct new lines.He went to school the next day and showed his hand to the teacher "Sir, here is the line of study, and I can study and I will study."

Do you know who this child was ? It was none other than Swami Vivekanand who on the basis of hard work complited his studies. Thus the message conveyed is that luck depends on our hard work.    



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